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£500 grant given to the Oxford Hospitals Charity

The Foundation has made a £500 grant to the Oxford Hospitals Charity, for their ground-breaking Future Fertility project at Oxford Children’s Hospital.  Every day, five children are diagnosed with cancer, and whilst there is a high survival rate for childhood cancers, many of these fighters face the risk of infertility following intensive cancer treatments. To combat this distressing issue, Dr Sheila Lane set up Future Fertility, which freezes reproductive tissue samples from children at considerable risk of infertility, so that they can be reinserted when a patient is older, restoring function.

Oxford Children’s Hospital is the only place in England to offer such life-changing treatments (NHS or private) helping all children and young adults across England, Wales, and Ireland, who are at considerable risk of infertility. The programme is supported by Oxford Hospitals Charity, helping 300 patients annually. It costs approximately £500 to preserve the fertility of one child cancer patient.

Further information can be found at

With the support of the Carl Lewis Foundation, Future Fertility ensure a child has access to the best information and care for their fertility, overall improving their mental health, feelings of worth, and ensuring that their future relationships with others and themselves are not impacted adversely by their childhood illness’.

Megan Jones, Trust Fundraising Officer
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