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£1,000 grant awarded to The Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund

The Foundation is pleased to be able to award a grant of £1,000 to Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund.  The grant will be used to provide Crisis Grant relief to families of children/young people who are seriously ill with cancer in the West Midlands.

Cancer brings numerous unexpected costs for hospital stays, specialist equipment or adaptations around the house, having to pay for additional childcare for siblings while parents attend treatment or appointments, and when cancer is incurable, families want to create cherished memories and then tragically have to cover the costs of their child’s funeral. Recent studies have shown that this adds up to around £600 extra per month, money that struggling parents simply haven’t got. These are parents who are forced to cut working hours or leave work altogether to provide care for their child, and have been identified by case/social workers as needing urgent support.

A huge thank you from us all at Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund. Financial worries are a major concern to parents with a seriously ill child, and with the cost of living crisis, your help is incredibly timely and much needed.

Joe Cavanagh, Trust & Foundation Officer, Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund
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